Want to hire me?

I have been happily working as a self-employed semantic web developer for the last seven years. With steady progress, I dare to say, but the market is still evolving a little bit too slowly for me (well, at least here in Germany) and I can't invest any longer. So I am looking for new challenges and an employer who would like to utilize my web technology experience (semantic or not). I have created a new personal online profile with detailed information about me, my skills, and my work.

My dream job would be in the social and/or data web area, I'm particularly interested in front-end development for data-centric or stream-oriented environments. I also love implementing technical specifications (probably some gene defect).

The potential show-stopper: I can't really relocate, for private reasons. I am happy to (tele)commute or travel, though. And I am looking for a full-time employment (or a full-time, longer-term contract). I am already applying for jobs, mainly here in Düsseldorf so far, but I thought I'd send out this post as well. You never know 🙂


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