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The Paraffin Press gets its name from the Pink Paraffin, a vintage furniture store that used to be downstairs from my apartment in San Francisco. When it closed, my housemates rescued the Pink Paraffin sign from the garbage area and put it in our front hall. From that point on, we lived in Paraffin House. And when, in the winter of 1995, I decided to make little books as Christmas presents, because I had no money to buy presents that year, the Paraffin Press was born.

The books are in PDF format. You can read them with the Acrobat Reader.


© 2012 Paul Poissel
  • Here’s what people are saying about Paraffin Press books:
  • “Thanks!”
  • — Sydney Benfer
  • “What a nice home-made present!”
  • — The author‘s mother
  • “I think the cover is on upside-down.”
  • — Herb Wilson
  • A few of these stories were later republished: “The Cell Game” in San Francisco Magazine, “Demons” in Conjunctions’ Web edition, and “Mrs. Ferris” in McSweeney’s.